Internationally renowned Tomoya Aomori is a multi-talented musician who is a highly experienced Pianist, Composer, Bassist, and Percussionist. Through his vast knowledge and experience of both Jazz and Classical music, Tomoya strives to integrate the two aspects in a unique innovative approach, in hopes to break the boundaries of musical genres.

Acclaimed by the New York Times as an "excellent marimba player", Tomoya is a frequent sub with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the New Jersey Symphony as a percussionist. He has played various Percussion and Marimba concertos with the Juilliard Orchestra, Children’s Orchestra Society, and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.

Using his multiple skills, he and his wife Julia Kang formed AKDuo, a piano/cello duo that plays instrumental pop music. Together they have appeared live in Vermont Public Radio (VPR) and have performed in many venues across the world. AKDuo is in the artist roster for the Si-Yo Music Society Foundation, as well as Musica Themis artist management in Japan. Tomoya is a co-founder and President of a record label and music production company called Sounding Nice, LLC.

Tomoya is also the creator and founder of, where he promotes the advantages of the 5bass, a 5-string Bass tuned in 5ths tuning. He has worked with various Bass luthiers, including Bob Spear and Barrie Kolstein, to create a new type of Bass that suits the modern demands of the Bass as a solo virtuoso instrument.

As a Bassist, Tomoya was the 1st place winner at the International Society of Bassists Young Bassist Competition. He is currently the Assistant Bass teacher at Juilliard Pre-College, and an Adjunct Bass Professor at Queens College.

Tomoya Aomori is a graduate of The Juilliard School, where he completed both his Undergraduate and Graduate degrees as a double major on Percussion and Double Bass. Upon graduating, he received the William Schuman Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Music.